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  • Capacity: 15 Ton / day

  • Perfect compromise between productivity and ergonomics, all of this without damaging molds or product during stripping operations

  • It can be complemented with a practical and efficient automatic mold lifting system


  • Capacity: 50 Ton / day

  • First step towards full automation

  • The tasks performed by the basic equipment are fully automatic unloading of the multi-mold, and demoulding using compressed air

  • It is fully expandable with accessories such as: mold washing tunnel, tower loaders, automatic molding of slicing bars


  • Capacity: 100 Ton / day

  • The line opens the multi-mold, unloads it, unmolds individually, washes the molds, loads them with product, and reloads them into the multi-mold, closing it later.

  • Additionally, you can count on AGV systems for the transport of multi-molds, complemented by a molding / demolding cycle and fully automatic multi-mold management.

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